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Laura’s debut poetry collection, The Absence of Thirteen, is available for purchase in local bookstores (Hamilton, ON), from Mosaic Press, and on Amazon and Indigo.



Laura’s commentary can be found regularly in The Hamilton Spectator.




The following poems were published in Issue 36 of CAROUSEL Magazine.




It was an insidious game you played,

teasing fate, leaving me to toe

the faults, and your absence,

falling, fractured-off shards of rock.

You gestured grandly,

granting me asylum from the wasteland

in which I dwelt, but your words

hung, strung up overhead,

out of reach, linens on a clothesline,

fabric weak from wear.




We burn our knees

to find something within

the silver-smooth capsule,

impermeable from the interior.

We break our blisters,

peel away layers to expose

our wounds, but,


opaque white reflects back

our unmoving eyes.